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winter queen avatar by ftourini

I love the original artwork and I think this animation gives it a sense of life. The things that you chose to move are really great choices. Really great pictures can come to life on their own; people can see, in their minds, certain things come to life and move and I think you captured the movement that people would see when looking at the original picture.
For me, the best part is the animation of the snow and the headpiece. The quickly falling snow as well as the rapid movement of the headpiece I think are in perfect timing with each other. It really makes you think of someone standing outside on a snowy and slightly windy day.
Although I love all the movement of the snow and the headpiece, overall I think there is a bit too much movement and things going on because of the blinking eyes. I do like that they blink, but for me I think they blink too often. If there was more time between each blink I think it would balance out the animation better. I think that slower movement of the eyes and the quicker movement of everything else will provide a better balance to the animation overall.
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